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What is it? 

Team Spirit Fundraiser is an exciting new way to raise money to ensure your team has the resources needed for success on and off the field. No matter if it's: raising money for new jerseys, new warm ups, or an out-of-town road trip, Team Spirit Fundraiser is a simple, easy way to raise funds while at the same time selling merchandise that fans can sport on game day. 


How does it work?

  1. We create an online store for your team where we sell custom team t-shirts and hoodies that motivate team spirit.

  2. Your team directs fans and supporters to the website to buy the apparel.

  3. The team will receive $10 for every t-shirt sold and $12 for every hoodie sold!

  4. After one month, we send a check to your team for the money that was raised.


Did we mention that it is absolutely FREE to start! Yes, we create the website and team designs all for free.  All your team has to do is spread the word and encourage fans to buy the shirts while we handle the rest!

Current Team Fundraisers

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Ready to start?

Start fundraising today with a product that people will actually enjoy. Fill out the form below to get started and we will respond ASAP with next steps. 

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